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Hotel regulations Kelman Inn Global

Commencing the stay at the hotel is tantamount to accepting the provisions of these regulations by the Guest. The hotel management will highly appreciate the observance of the regulations, which are to ensure a peaceful and safe stay for our guests.

• A room is rented for days.

• Payment for the stay is collected in advance and is non-refundable in the event of shortening the stay.

• The day starts at 2:00 pm and ends at 11:00 am the next day.

• Staying in the room after 11:00 is treated as an extension of the stay for another day.

• Kelman Inn Global takes into account the wishes of extending the stay depending on the availability.

• If the Guest stops the room and informs the reception about their intention to extend their stay in the Inn, with the lack of places, the Inn has the right to refuse to extend the stay and ask them to vacate the room in order to prepare it for other guests booking the room in advance.

• It is possible to stay with a dog / cat, after informing the staff in advance. There is an additional fee for staying with an animal, the amount of which is informed by the reception staff. The animal cannot stay in the room without the supervision of a guardian.

• The Inn provides services in accordance with its standard. In the event of any reservations regarding the quality of services, please report them to the reception as soon as possible, which will enable us to react immediately.

• Kelman Inn Global is obliged to provide:
1.full and unhindered rest for the Guest, of stay, including keeping information about the Guest secret,
3.professional and courteous service, the room and carrying out the necessary repairs of the devices during the Guest’s absence, and in the event of his presence only if he agrees,
5.if possible, a different room or otherwise mitigate the inconvenience when the defects cannot be removed.

• At the Guest’s request, the Inn provides free services:
1.providing information related to the stay and travel,
2.wake up at the appointed time,
3. ordering taxis and meals by phone.

• The guest is obliged to immediately inform the reception about the damage.

• The guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of the hotel equipment and technical devices, caused by his fault or the fault of people visiting him. Parents or guardians are responsible for damages caused by children. Injury means both destruction / damage to room equipment and their loss.

• Guests are required to store the room key with due care. In the event of its loss, guests will be charged 100 PLN.

• Guests are required to change their working shoes before entering the Inn.

• People who are not checked-in at the Inn may stay in a hotel room from 8:00 to 21:00 after prior arrangement with the reception staff.

• The guest may not transfer the room to third parties, even if the period for which the fee has been paid has not expired.

• There is a curfew in the Inn from 22:00 to 6:00.

• Children up to 2 years of age stay in the facility free of charge.

• The Kelman Inn Global is not responsible for vehicles parked in the hotel’s unguarded car park.

• In the event that the Guest significantly violates the peace and / or good of the neighbors and does not comply with the generally applicable standards of coexistence between people in public places, the Inn reserves the right to immediately terminate the Guest’s stay and is then not obliged to refund the money for the unused period .

• On the premises of the Inn, including rooms, in accordance with the Act of April 8, 2010 amending the Act on health protection against the consequences of using tobacco and tobacco products and the Act on the State Sanitary Inspection (Journal of Laws No. 81, item 529) ) – there is a total ban on smoking, tobacco products and electronic cigarettes outside of designated areas. Breaking the smoking ban in a room is tantamount to the Guest’s consent to cover the costs of the Fire Service and room dearomatization in the amount of 650 PLN